Claire Charlesworth-Moore 

Claire is a highly qualified and experienced Consultant Forensic Psychologist. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree in Applied Social Science from Coventry University (1996), an Msc. in Forensic Psychology from the University of Leicester (1997) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision from the University of Sheffield (2004). Claire is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society, full member of the Division of Forensic Psychology, and also a registered Forensic Psychologist with the Health Professions Council.


Claire began her career lecturing in psychology, followed by working in the field as a qualified Forensic Psychologist. She has amassed extensive experience working with young offenders (HMYOI Aylesbury), through to both determinate and life sentenced offenders with complex needs in therapeutic communities; both Gartree and Dovegate. She was also one of a team of four practitioners responsible for setting up the therapeutic community at Dovegate in her capacity as Deputy Director.


Since 2003 Claire has worked as a Consultant Forensic Psychologist for the NHS at Rampton hospital in the Dangerous and Severe Personality Disordered Service. This has enabled her to work with some of the highest risk/highest need, most complex male offenders held under the Mental Health Act. Claire has extensive experience of dynamic and static risk assessment tools, including assessment of personality using a range of measures.


Currently Claire works with offenders detained under the Mental Health Act with a variety of disorders; Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder etc. She is passionate about effective offender client rehabilitation, remaining involved in detailed treatment planning by adopting an individualised formulation approach to identify relevant pathways and hierarchies of need. This includes utilising a variety of models including; motivational work, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, group Psychotherapy, Schema Therapy and offence parallelling behaviour. She also has extensive experience in delivering offence based programmes; Violence Reduction Programme, Sex Offender Treatment Programme Therapist, on an individual and group basis.


In addition Claire has always been involved in training and supervising a wide variety of multi disciplinary staff to equip them to working with offender populations with complex needs. She has previously developed training for staff working in Therapeutic Community environments and with personality disordered offender clients.


Claire's special interests include the environment as a Therapeutic Milieu, the assessment of personality disorder, treatment planning and intervention for personality disordered offender clients. She has also developed a therapeutic programme which was adopted by the DSPD programme in order to identify and address interpersonal skill deficits and harmful styles associated with personality disorder. This draws on the group psychotherapy, good lives, social learning and offence parallelling behaviour literature.

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